Products used

Gelish is the first nail product that combines gel and polish in a bottle, which leads to a better quality nail and finish.  It has over 100 colours and are constantly creating more.  I currently have a wide variety of colours, not all of them, and I use the latest Gelish LED UV lamp to make sure that the best quality gel finish is achieved and your nails are left looking amazing.  I have never had an issue with gelish and the fact Gels last longer than conventional polish it is also better for you.

Outback Organics is a fantastic product used by top salons and spa's.  It is a beauty product enriched with native australian botanicals that uses natural healing remedies for all your skincare needs.  It is available for hot and warm wax and is practically pain free.  Using an oil to protect the skin it helps stop irritation and some of those niggles that comes with more main stream waxing products and techniques.  Everyone who has had a treatment with it has never looked back.

Orly is the founders of the "Freanch Manicure", which was designed by Jeff Pink for hollywood movie stars.  It started 40 years ago and is still keeping ahead of the game in the fashion industry.  With all its classic colours and modern twists it is still regarded as one of the industry's top nail polish brands.  Orly provides great finish and with the vast colour selection it also apeals to all and has a colour for every occassion.  I use it because of the simple fact it achieves great results and provides a fantastic look.  If you require a little something special for a party, celebration or just to make yourself feel that little bit more special ORLY is just for you.