Holistic and Healing Treatments

Reiki is japanese healing technique  thats helps to destress and give relaxtion that also promotes healing. Thr word reiki is two japanese words rei - means "god's wisdom or higher powder" and ki mean is "life force energy" So reiki actually means "spiritually guided life force energy"its wonderful glowing radiance energy that flows throught and around you with helping body, emotions and mind.its can help every illness known and promotes relieve side effects and helps recovery.

Reiki - 30mins - £22     Reiki - 1hour -£37


Crystal healing is holistic therapy that taps into the energy of the body and mind.the crystal help unblock, focus and direct energy.The crystasl are place on the body and around the body.All crystals have different properties so what the client need wil helps body to balanced and aid the healing on the body and mind.                  Crystal Healing - 45/1hour £45


Pellowah mean angelic word "radical Shift in Consciousness" so it wakening the concisciusness and its is pure source energy, direct transmission from the light.its dont like any other healings.pellowah is direct from source to the person receiving,practitioner is holding the healing space for client rececive it.you may experience huge shifts after session or effectsmaybe suble or yet profound or unfolding over time.some benfits are increase your personal capcaity for postive change, empowers you to take charge of your life, generates new and expanded perspectives,remove blocks, enabling clearer guidance,increased intuition, realign the body meridians, calm of emotions, greater feeling of inner peace asnd clarity of mind,increase inner strength and confidence, overcome fear, self doubt, anxiety and depression.    Pellowah - 45mins/1hour £45


Rahanni of one heart.is healing for the mind, body and soul and there no separtion, we are from one divine thats highter vibration energy source.its helps balancing heart centre to aids individual discover the true love and compassion within yourself. Its helps balance maculine and feminine aspects of every man, women, and child and its gronding as well.It is possible to release our fear and any negative energy thats we accunmulate from our experiences on earth. its helped with communiction and to gain control over our highest lives possible to are highest good as well.i do recommend to have 3 treatment to get best results.

Rahanni - 30mins - £40   Rahanni distance Healing -  £25